When Did Coffee Become a Status Symbol?

[ad_1] Odds are when you go to the grocery store, you see many people with a Starbucks coffee cup in hand. At some point, this has made it to almost a “right of passage” to get into the grocery store. What’s funny about this is most of these cups are filled up with low-quality “coffee” […]

What Is a Pour-Over Coffee?

[ad_1] Pour over or filtered is on the list of the easiest ways of making coffee. This process involves the use a mug, ground coffee, a plastic funnel, and a cone-like paper filter. Once you have everything in one place, all you need to do is pour hot water on the coffee grounds in a […]

What is Aged Espresso?

[ad_1] Aged coffee may audio a little unappetizing, but it really is an intricate procedure that is equivalent to the way that you would age good wine. When I initial heard the phrase, all I could imagine about was stale coffee sitting down out for so lengthy that it tasted bitter, but it is really […]