Tea is drunk all around the planet, and is the 2nd most preferred drink just after h2o. So why is it so popular?

1. Teas are available in diverse flavours and versions. In the identical way that not all pink or white wines flavor the same, not all teas flavor the same. Green Tea is manufactured from only the leaves of the tea plant. Black Tea is far more oxidised and more powerful than Environmentally friendly Tea. White Tea is fast dried whilst Green Tea is roasted. Oolong Tea is a Chinese tea that is in in between Green and Black Tea. Organic teas or fruit teas are strictly not teas, but infusions. This indicates that there are numerous sorts to pick out from and so one thing for every person.

2. Tea is refreshing and invigorating, but is just not overpowering or bitter like some coffees can be. Tea is also considerably healthier than fizzy beverages, and can be drunk all working day without the need of the properly known aspect consequences of fizzy drinks.

3. Tea incorporates considerably fewer caffeine than espresso. This implies that tea drinkers can delight in far more cups of tea as it is much less stimulating than espresso. It is as a result the excellent consume for the night as it is substantially much less probable to induce sleep troubles as opposed to espresso.

4. Tea is simple to make and professional equipment is not critical. A cup, kettle, h2o and tea bag are the bare minimum amount needs for a cup of tea. Having said that, a great deal of persons like to use a teapot to make the tea in, and will get milk and / or sugar in their tea. Connoisseurs typically favor to use loose tea and a tea strainer alternatively than tea luggage. This is the equivalent of employing fresh new substances somewhat than obtaining a microwave prepared meal.

5. Distinctive teas have to have various brewing occasions and h2o temperatures. Having the time or temperature mistaken will indicate that the tea would not style as it was supposed. This learning system makes sure that every single cup of tea is a lot more than truly worth the influence.

6. Although traditionally developed in China, India, Japan, Kenya, and Sri Lanka, less clear nations these kinds of as Iran, Brazil and Turkey also generate tea. Every country’s tea will style diverse mainly because of the weather and the way it is well prepared.

7. Tea is effectively known as a enjoyable consume, and when sweetened, can help to reduce the consequences of shock. This is an additional purpose why folks are usually presented it if they have been associated in an accident.

8. Irrespective of remaining grown in heat international locations, tea can be made use of as a warming consume when it is chilly. Alternatively, and very amazingly, a good cup of tea is quite refreshing when it is heat

9. Above recent several years the health and fitness added benefits of tea, primarily Environmentally friendly Tea, have become far more evident. From use as a excess weight loss assist to helping to reduce the results of Alzheimers and Parkinson’s ailment, Environmentally friendly Tea could be termed a “super consume”.

10. The method of making and consuming tea is steeped in tradition, and can be a social party in alone, and a “cup of tea” is not often just that. Japanese tea ceremonies are really formal, and the ceremony is virtually a religious celebration as much as a social collecting. Afternoon tea can selection from a mug of one thing lukewarm and damp with a slice of dried out cake in a café in a department store, to a a lot far more lavish affair involving lots of kinds of sandwiches, cakes and biscuits, and tea served in the very best bone china in a posh cafe.

Now you know why tea is so preferred, why not set the kettle on and get pleasure from a cup of the most well-known very hot consume in the world!