Merlot, or far more properly Merlot Noir (as there is a Merlot Blanc) is quickly turning out to be a single of the most sought soon after red wine varieties, many thanks to Bordeaux’s Pomerol and Saint-Emilion wines. It has an practically cult standing in California, where by far more concentrated Bordeaux-fashion wines are manufactured. It is also on the maximize in Australia, New Zealand Chile and even South Africa.

Merlot is the most typically developed grape wide variety in France, and is 1 of the most extensively planted in Bordeaux. It is a grape assortment that has been on a large enlargement push in the course of the earth in the earlier 10 decades. Merlot wines can be explained as being clean and prosperous with forest fruit aromas and flavours of plums, blackcurrants and damsons.

What would make Merlot so specific?

In get to stay clear of the major downside of excessive yields, Merlot needs a reasonably interesting microclimate. It is now developed in just about all wine rising countries and is particularly successful in California, Chile and Northern Italy.

What food pairs well with Merlot?

The a little harsher Merlots with more extreme flavours pair nicely with grilled and charred meats – a little something like ‘Grilled Leg of Lamb with Rosemary and Garlic’ would be fantastic. The softer, fruitier Merlots from cooler climate areas go effectively with salmon or mushroom based dishes or even just one like ‘Spiced Duck Breasts’. At the other end of the scale, the softer, lighter bodied Merlots pair properly with shellfish like prawns or scallops wrapped in bacon or even straight ahead macaroni cheese.

Far more about Merlot

A wine buyer describing what the accomplishment of Merlot was down to explained,
“It specifically matches the preferred fashionable drinking model, simply because it helps make wines that have sweet, ripe fruit and are pleasant and sleek.”

Jancis Robinson from ‘The Oxford Companion to Wine, 3rd Edition’ states,
“Merlot is now so well-liked throughout the world that it competes only with Cabernet Sauvignon as the most planted dim-skinned grape assortment overall.”

One particular of Bordeaux’s most famous wines, Château Petrus, whose charges almost usually exceed £500 a bottle, is nearly completely created from Merlot.

The perfect serving temperature for Merlot is 63°F / 17°C.

Merlot is really substantially an all spherical wine and with globe winery plantings on the maximize, we are going to see a great deal much more from this functional grape selection.


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