The Acai berry and pomegranates are two of the most talked about superfoods in the health and fitness food stuff marketplace. Both are an incredible pure supply for numerous crucial vitamins and minerals. The query is if you can only use a single or the other which is far better? This write-up is going to pit these two superfoods towards each and every other and enable you come to a decision which one to select.

In The Significantly Corner Sporting The Purple Trunks We Have The Pomegranate!

The pomegranate is a sweet and tart tasting fruit that is native to Iran and northern India. There are numerous tales and legends bordering this fruit, and it has been claimed that Helen of Troy employed pomegranates to help make her additional attractive. Individuals legends all have some fact powering them, due to the fact the pomegranate is a person of the healthiest fruits on the world. Below are some of the major added benefits you get from feeding on pomegranates:

Those all audio excellent now let us get a appear at how Acai stacks up

In The Close to Corner Carrying The Purple Trunks We Have The Acai Berry!

Acai is a tiny purple berry that is native to the Amazon Rainforests. It is a staple for the native folks, and has not long ago exploded in acceptance all over the entire world. It has an wonderful flavor that is related to a mix of chocolate and berries. Right here is a appear at what form of rewards you can get from Acai:

People are some very effective advantages from a minimal berry, but are it ample to defeat the pomegranate?

And The Winner Is…

In a pretty near final decision I have to give the get to the Acai berry. The analyzing aspect is that Acai has a greater depend of anti-oxidants (18,400 vs 10,500). Numerous of the benefits derived from these two fruits is dependent on their antioxidant power, so Acai normally takes that category arms down. The energy raise is quite useful for almost everyone, so that will help make it the extra properly-rounded superfood. The only edge pomegranates have is its capability to shield your cartilage and protect against arthritis.


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