The Gaggia Platinum Swing Up espresso machine is among several Gaggia espresso makers within the super auto bean-to-brew collection. Gaggia espresso machines are known by espresso enthusiasts everywhere for their high quality as well as sturdiness. Coffee lovers can use this machine to literally turn coffee beans into espresso in a completely automatic way. The characteristics of the Gaggia Platinum Swing Up are many of the very best in the line of Gaggia machines. This particular coffee maker is marketed at a genuinely affordable price tag even though it possesses features from some of the top-end Gaggia models.

A differentiating feature belonging to the Swing Up style machines is the easy-to-use settings dial on the front of the machine. Although this machine still incorporates the excellent LCD display menu function, it’s got a handy dial on the front to easily manage setting changes from cup to cup. The backlit wheel click dial can be used to change the strength of each and every cup of coffee. What’s more, it lets you navigate the menu.

The remarkable point concerning Gaggia coffee and espresso machines is the fact that many of the parts are detachable. The Gaggia Platinum Swing Up isn’t an exception. Many components, such as the drip tray, are detachable and built out of stainless steel for simple cleaning. The drip tray is also electronic and may be adjusted to allow for a wide range of cup measurements. The drip tray is made of heavy duty plastic material which has a stainless steel cover for style as well as ease of use.

The grinder and bean hopper on this particular coffee machine are also constructed with convenience as the primary goal. The grinder contains a high quality ceramic burr grinder which can be altered as well as removed for cleaning purposes and grinding fineness options. The hopper holds 8.8oz of coffee beans and has a clear cover. The cover means that you can keep an eye on bean levels as well as keeps your beans fresh between fillings. The Adjustable Doser also allows for the use of pre ground coffee too.

Among the many settings for this coffee machine, it’s also possible to adjust the amount of coffee or espresso to be made. It presents choices like double espresso, short coffee, tall coffee, and single espresso. Two pour spouts help make brewing additional cups of coffee easy.

The Gaggia Platinum Swing Up also features a Pre Infusion feature. This function is well linked to the Gaggia brand. Pre infusion occurs when the machine gently mists your ground coffee prior to extracting it. This assists the beans to brew better. Pre infused coffee smells and tastes better.

Whenever your Gaggia Platinum Swing Up is left sitting idle for a long time it will eventually enter into energy save mode till your next cup. The appliance gives you a warning signal should your beans or water reservoir are low. The appliance contains a waste area as well in which the spent coffee grounds are efficiently stored then when this is full the LCD display screen will warn you.

Get coffee shop type espresso in the home at a fraction of the cost. The Gaggia Platinum Swing Up will not just help you save money, it just may be the greatest coffee you have tasted!